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Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

Do hashtags even work anymore? The answer to this question can be described by this iconic image…

Back in the day (like four months ago), I would unleash MAMMOTH sized hashtag blocks underneath every single one of @TheBrokeAgent Instagram posts. On average, 30%-40% of my engagement was coming from hashtags and reaching an additional 40,000 accounts that were not following me. If I posted three times a day, hashtags were boosting my account to 100,000 new eyeballs on average. It was the #GoldenAge and the strategy was simple: use up to 30 industry related/adjacent hashtags under every post and change them up every now and then.

All I had to do was copy paste the trusty hashtag block from my iPhone note section with all the classics: #realtor, #openhouse, #realtorhumor, #realtorprolems, #newlisting #realestateagent, #luxuryagent (jk) #realtorlife, #realtorforlife etc. Then I would post, sit back, and watch the hashtags supercharge my posts.

Times were good on The Feed. Then,...

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6 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

If you are like me, the engagement you get on an Instagram post directly determines your level of happiness. A post that performs well will put you in an AMAZING mood. You feel validated! People like you and LOVE what you have to say. If a post performs poorly… well… you shut down and hide in your room with a bottle of Jack and a box of whippits. Nobody wants to consume your content anymore and nobody likes you. In fact, people were so disgusted by your photo that they scrolled right by it without giving it a second thought. You should delete your account and never post again.

Okay maybe I’m being a tad hyperbolic. None of what you just read is based in reality. I just needed an intro that wasn’t as lame as “Five Hacks to get more engagement on your Instagram posts!”

So… here are SIX hacks to get more engagement on your Instagram posts.


According to my two second google search, Instagram posts that include a location...

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